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5G Infrastructural Clutter And Its Impacts, 2020


5G will “smartening” of our villages and cities where provides us the opportunities to enjoy high speed connection, high reliability and low latency - ultimately make all the aesthetic compromises, political trade-offs, and equity concessions and is this worthwhile?


And while local officials embrace the value of faster and broader connectivity and all the “smart” services it makes possible, many also want to retain control over the transformation of their streetscapes. Yet many municipalities’ existing zoning, permitting, and citizen-input processes simply haven’t been “upgraded” for 5G.


Question to figure out what kind of revolution 5G should be introducing, and some new “infrastructural imaginaries” — that is, visions for what infrastructures are and do, who they serve and how, what values they embody, and what they make possible.






Research project - Waterschool Utrecht

Metaal Kathedraal Presenteert: HOE GAAF IS 5G?!