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Virtual Energy Drink, 2017-onging


When the virtual world is intruding into our physical world where technologies are dominant, bodily movements become less and less important, as a proof of existence, we seek to survive in the minimum activity. I’m intrigued how technology contents human’s need in different forms. Can we consume without physical substances? What if future is demand in a de-contextualization society that we are used to having virtual nutritious substance instead of the real food?


Project “Virtual Energy Drink” Is the first step to question the possibility of the future to fulfill our basic needs in a virtual world? Is it possible we gain energy in a diverse format on the medium like the screen as the same effect we drink a real energy drink?


By studying cognitive neuropsychology there is certain chemical hormone of our body can be triggered by certain visual images. In order to achieve the effect of feeling energetic and become vigorous I intend to increase the Oxytocin and decrease the Cortisol in our body via the study and experiments I found out cute images and adorable audios make it happen. To alter the brain consuming our way to deal with the normal image of physical food which opens up a new page to the virtual reality where we might live in the near future.








image/video collage, source internet

Virtual Drinks