Studio for conceptual, social design and research



Space & graphic design  | Commissioned by artist Alisha Phichitsingh-THE EMPTY DINNER  |

DDW Eindhoven NL 2022

Collaboration with Tellurico | Photo by Pierre Castignola



In the design of spacial choreography where visitors moving through the layers become part of a fluid non-linear memories. The stage becomes an interactive experience for both visitors and designer where our body sensation and movement initiates a dialog between past and present, memories and grieving. Translucent curtains create a uncanny space where hazy human figures flit across the boundaries of perception. When the light shines on the handmade metal floorcoverings, the reflection of the waves of water reflects on the curtains of this semi-private space, forming an atmosphere of fleeting memory. This stage-like space makes you feel like your body is going through movements because you remember such intimate details about your loved one like how they laugh, how they smile and the things you did together.