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His, His & Hers, 2018


There is something fundamentally wrong with the expectation that society will conform to norms, this is a positive thing, we should not allow ourselves to be stereotyped by those producing for us. Everyone is different and each of our lives are full of personal trials and tribulations, wants and needs, love and divorce. We are asking, as designers, why specifically love and relationships are so engineered by people with the power to engineer them? For example, the ever rapid acceptance of Tinder being considered a normal method of finding a relationship is an example of how our values to love have appropriated and modernized, yet the commodity of different loves has yet to keep up with this modernization. We believe that society is growing stale of the ideology that associates itself with traditional relationships, of course, this works for some or even most, but it is not something that should be considered for all. Our fight is against the standardization of the stereotype love.


Polyamorousness is a relationship between more than 2 people, a relationship not necessarily based on sex but on the love between the people involved. This project is an understanding and accentuation of that love which we as designers and lovers, design and questioning the needs for it.






the concept was created with

Dasha Tsapenko and Chris Cooper


supported by

Creative Industries Fund NL Starting Grant










His, His & Hers

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His, His & Hers

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