Studio for conceptual, social design and research



website design and research |  Eindhoven NL 2022

commissioned by Temporary Art Centre (TAC)




Let’s create community from space, an artistic research aims to create a participatory platform for the future design of the TAC.


This shared future landscape research looking at the social structures of work and leisure, we reimagine the commons and examine our communal behaviors and actions within the framework of spatial identity — ‘Doing’ is an action and ‘Doing together’ through instructions written by the inhabitants is an attitude and learning / unlearning process to shape our common terrains together.


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#how to gether #future #social design


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This project taking the opportunity to examine and unlearn who we are as a collective and how we interact with others within the framework of spatial identity. We’re asking questions such as “How to create a connection and a sense of togetherness in an intentional community?”, "What kind of elements can we use to build up a thriving and more inclusive community?” At last not least, we traced back to a more fundamental question of commoning: “How do we gather” in the first place?


To answer these questions we focused on communal behaviour and action — DOING is an action and DOING TOGETHER is an attitude and learning/unlearning process to shape our common terrains together. It's also a process of exploring a new angle of TAC collective identity through actions and behaviours.


The interactive website presents a future cultural landscape with imaginary facilities, spaces and human interactions. Through a series of how-to instructions written by the current and former TAC artist residents and local inhabitants, we are drawing a collective portrait of our future art space and its unique ways of forming a community. In the field testing video – Mopping the Floor, the performative space choreography demonstrated different narratives for togetherness which are speculated to explore, categorize and transform the dynamic communal experiences with scripted choreography: identities, bodies and movements.