Studio for conceptual, social design and research


Film 001

Future Partner:

Robot cleaner,

iMatch 2019 (2 min 4 sec)


Film 002

Future Partner:

The Lamp,

iMatch 2019 (1 min 31sec)

Lifetime Warranty Series, 2019


Domestic appliances are our digital companions that bring the forward-looking, the progressive and the innovative into our everyday lives. In the coming years emotions and technology will become so intertwined with each other that the domestic appliances might also choose their significant users. How do we choose the best appliance partner from the unlimited options? Will they also have a say in the contractual promise for a lifelong warranty? How will we interact with each other? We are both consumers and the consumed in this tango: choosing and operating, supporting and caring for each other. This is an imaginary romance that rethinks the emerging relationship with our domestic appliances that is yet to be directed by match making interfaces iMatch or other formats.








Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven 2019

Short films (001 color 2min 4sec  + 002 color 1 min 31sec)

Digital components and object installations

Supported by: Cultuur Eindhoven and Temporary Art Centre