Studio for art direction, conceptual and social design

Future privacy, installation 2016


The world of tomorrow is shaped by the inventions and technologies emerging today. From online services to smart appliances, data collecting and analyzing is continuously undergoing behind the screens and sensors. Is there human privacy in the future? The digital world has intervened in the way we live from information to human interaction. There is limited space for us to avoid digital usage and data collecting.


After doing research on tracking my personal Internet data usage I found most of my internet data have been sold to the third party worldwide. What if they do more than just monitoring and analyzing my data? What if the company like Google cross the line of moral principal and start manipulating us by giving different information depends on how much we pay.


In this speculated world, if you want to receive/read vital information on the screen you have to pay extra money to get a pair of special glasses. Imagine in this world how the politics of economic going to change? This project is exploring who is collecting our personal data and why, and what we can do about it. In the meantime, I question the viewer’s assumptions about their digital lives and data. Challenge the necessary of neutral Internet existing.






installation + objects


plastic, metal, monitor and polarizer films