Space For Civic Assets, 2020-2021mid


→ Project Introduction

This is a practice-led project focusing on the future redevelopment of Temporary Art Centre. Seeing TAC as a civic asset, it reimagines the city and its spaces as an inclusive sharing society, that can be shaped and used collectively.


A visualization of TAC’s assets expand into the city and beyond. The installation INSIDE OUT uses replacement, extension and retraction to explore the relation between and individual and institution, and between urban and shared assets. The boundaries between public and private are blurred: the once clear lines between inside and outside, known and unknown, and between ourselves and the others are shifting. Through the ever-changing concept of common space, Timothy Liu is questioning today's social needs and sensibilities to imagine the future of this fluid organism.


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→ Ambition

Temporary Art Centre (TAC) is a breeding ground for artistic development and cultural engagement. It is situated in the city center of Eindhoven, in a neighborhood that is being completely renewed over the course of the next few years. The TAC building is part of this large-scale redevelopment. As we are rebuilding TAC, we are reconsidering the values and assets of art space as an incubator for the city. TAC has asked resident designer Timothy Liu to map and reimagine the value of TAC, starting with the TAC residents. The future vision for TAC is built collectively by TAC-residents and organization, by audiences and citizens of Eindhoven.




→ Future TAC


Space for Civic Assets comprises research, experiment, intervention and investigation about TAC now and in the future. Together with community partners (residents, audience members, neighbors, citizens), we reimagine a citizen-led regeneration: we rethink the topics of land consciousness, environmental interconnectivity, civic infrastructures, social dilemma and our shared future. Using participatory design and speculative thinking, we aim to come to a collective understanding of our future space and local community, considering physical infrastructure, social impact and imagination.


Looking at TAC not an institution, but an assembly of individuals. Its body is expanded beyond disciplines onto all shared urban assets. As we move back and forth between a large and small view-frame, from individual to city, we reassess the relationship between macro and micro scale cultural engagement. Consequently, we want to make the presence of Eindhoven in TAC visible again (and vice versa!).



✔ 01. Land Consciousness

The topic of land rights and its usage centers on understanding urban planning and policies connected to land ownership. We pay attention to spatial justice through the investigation of space domination, its appropriation and reclaim. This investigation will explore the importance of the land’s historical heritage and the preservation of this heritage during future redevelopment.


✔ 02. Environmental Interconnectivity

Considering our ecosystem, we have to look into who and what has been shaping our natural environment. When approaching various angles of interconnectivity between the natural and the human-made, we can understand and re-establish a balance between inhabitants and the planet.


✔ 03. Civic infrastructures

We propose to rethink the usage, functions and values of shared, public assets. Tangible and intangible infrastructures shape our city and how we experience and navigate in it. When subverting the traditional definition of public and private space, we can reflect on the structures that determine our civic, urban society.


✔ 04. Social Dilemma

TAC and its neighborhood are completely renewed over the course of the next few years. We question whether property development and investment inevitably leads to gentrification or displacement. How do we invest in neighborhoods without causing segregation and exclusivity? TAC’s situation calls for a new perspective on our city and civic assets. We need to learn and unlearn how to build a more inclusive sharing society.


✔ 05. Shared Future

Looking at the social structures of work and leisure, we want to reimagine the commons. What roles and codes are at play in the local community? How to create a shared space that attracts the many, not the few? Who speaks for communities, especially when communities are always changing? We explore and deconstruct sensibilities and needs, now and in the future. With the power of imagination and co-creation we can then start to build our shared future together.





→ Space For Talk Series #DDW20


#1 Amy Gowen (city curator, Onomatopee)  link

#2 Servie Boetzkes (architect, Atelier Boetzkes)






commission by

Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven(NL)


installations, program and research


Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL


Text edited by Astrid Cats

Graphic design by Timothy Liu

Photo by Almicheal Fraay


the concept was created with Chester Chuang


Special thanks to Maarten Hendriks(Little Mountain), Diogo Rinaldi, Anastasia Eggers, Amy Gowen(Meeting Ground), Mark Henning, Van Happen Container, Eindhoven municipality, Onommatopee, Servie Boetzkers, Bernard Chiang.