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Flip: Table Manner, 2016


When dinning in the West I find people are very independent and stress on individualism with their food and how they deal with food. On the country, Chinese dinning culture emphasize on sharing food together.


French culture ‘Arts de la table’ indicates the traditional dinner you will experience 18 cutlery sets for different appetizers, main dishes to desserts. To make sure every guest is feeling comfortable, the dinning table are in various dimension and shapes. On the other hand, on the traditional Chinese dinner table you will only find 1 set of cutlery with chopsticks and you will also find the table are usually round shape with a circle disk top. This circle disk top meant to make guests share food together easily by turning it around. In the meantime, in this traditional culture we pay more attention on the table manners. For example, It’s not polite to clean your teeth in any way while you are having food on the table.


Your table manners represent your education level, class in the society and impression to your fellows. Is it possible to turn the desire and urge to clean teeth on the table into an elegant and sophisticated performance? Integrated the cleaning brushes with jewelry by that I’m asking the question what if we can make the act of cleaning on the table become a new manner in Chinese society?








metal, leathers, wood and paper