Studio for conceptual, social design and research



visual design  |  IABR DOWN TO EARTH – WATERSCHOOL M4H+  |  Rotterdam NL 2021

commissioned by Studio Makkink & Bey part of International Architecture exhibited at Biennale Rotterdam: IABR DOWN TO EARTH


WATERSCHOOL investigates how a range of resources contributes to building a sustainable and circular learning environment, in order to meet the water challenge and also ensuring an optimized ecological footprint. WATERSCHOOL presents a scenario in which a city’s residents live and work around a sustainable use of raw materials and resources, allowing for the just interaction between all organisms, communities, and their environment. Starting from the basic needs of a human body, such as nutrition and water, these sustainable resources contribute to a new diet by suggesting the use of alternative and less water - intensive protein sources, and thus a minimized water footprint. And when expanded to dwelling, living, and working, and to energy and water consumption, they also generate new sustainable building materials and energy supplies, while suggesting new types of architecture and cultures of living. WATERSCHOOL promotes dialogue and proposes a different, post - fossil, bio - based future with water as a starting point. The WaterSchool M4H+ Library shows alternative production landscapes and presents a cultural framework with the work of designers, industries, architects, artists and related research institutions, etc.