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International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam: IABR  |  Rotterdam NL 2018

commissioned by Studio Makkink & Bey

exhibition produced with team Studio Makkink & Bey


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At WATERSCHOOL education is at the heart and its learning-by-doing approach is grounded in practical experience. The logo design reflects this ethos, combining typography with dynamic imagery to embody the concept of growth and change.


To create the WATERSCHOOL logo, I drew inspiration from the walking route of our campus, weaving six letters of the word SCHOOL into its design. The result is a distinctive logo and icon that captures the essence of our spacial identity. Through careful consideration of typography, imagery, and design concepts, I were able to create a logo that communicates the core values of WaterSchool with clarity and sophistication.



In addition to the main logo SCHOOL, WATERSCHOOL features a series of thematic programs and research topics, each with its own unique logotype. These themes include BUILD, CLEAN, GROW, HARVEST, MAKE, and DOCUMENT, and each logo is designed as a closed circular path of letters that embodies the core values and ideas of its respective program.


I drew inspiration for these logotypes from the different walking routes of our campus, which we used as a basis for the design. By weaving the letters of each program's name into a circular path, I were able to create a visual representation of the program's core values and ideas.


The circular shape of each logo represents the cyclical nature of water and the interconnection between our various programs, while the use of typography and imagery helps to convey the essence of each program. I’m proud to have developed these logotypes as part of our branding for WATERSCHOOL, and believe they serve as a visual representation of its commitment to education, sustainability, and innovation.